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What sets KinectAir apart

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Nationwide Reach

Wherever you are in the U.S., KinectAir connects you to your destination with ease and comfort. We've shrunk the map for you. Coast to coast, or just a hop away – we've got you covered with flights that feel more neighborly than ever.

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On-Demand Booking

Our intuitive app puts the power of flight scheduling in your hands, whenever you need it. Last-minute trip? No problem. Book a flight whenever and wherever with our real-time booking system.

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Customer-Centric Comfort

From the moment you book to when you disembark, every detail is tailored for your utmost satisfaction. Comfort's not just extra legroom (though you'll get plenty of that). It's about a service that's been fine-tuned to make you feel at home above the clouds.

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Per-Hour Pricing

KinectAir charges per flight hour, not per passenger, giving you the liberty to travel with whom you want, without worrying about additional fees. Bring friends, or stretch out. Your flight, your call.

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Time-Saving Travel

Skip the wait. Skip the stopovers. Direct flights that fit your schedule are our jam. Whether for business flights, vacations, or impromptu getaways, your plane departs when you’re ready — because your schedule is our schedule.

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Remote Access

Our service specializes in accessing the smaller airports closer to your final destination, ensuring that you can reach remote locations without long drives or layovers.

Happy Customers

Our customers can't stop talking about how we've changed the way they fly. But don't take our word for it, take theirs.

Insanely cool experience from hello to landing. Personal concierge helps coordinate the flight and accommodations and you walk right onto the plane. Getting work done on the plane was so much easier. And we landed at a small local airport 10min from home. Highly recommend for work travel and recreation. If you ever fly priority or first class, try KinectAir…you won’t go back!

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Ryan Fink


This weekend we got picked up at our local airfield and had an epic day trip to Orcas Island, all thanks to KinectAir!  Private air travel is becoming more accessible and convenient — and is my new favorite way to explore the PNW!

Woman Smiling

Allison Stolz

Mt. Hood

We had an amazing flight from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC in the Diamond DA62 with Toby as our pilot. Getting from our car in Portland to a taxi in Vancouver took under 2 hours! Very easy and convenient. And we had gorgeous scenery the entire way. Can't wait to book another trip with Kinect.

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Stephanie Ayoob


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KinectAir saved us about 8 hrs each way (by car) because it's an island destination.  Splitting the cost, we each paid $600, THE SAME PRICE AS A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT.

Leah Goeres

Portland, OR

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We are KinectAir

KinectAir is revolutionizing private air travel, making it accessible and stress-free for everyone.

With our innovative technology and commitment to customer service, we're not just changing how people fly—we're changing the way they think about flying.

Join us, and transform your travel experiences forever.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about KinectAir's private charter flights and services.

How quickly can I book a trip?

Should you require a charter flight at short notice, KinectAir is well-equipped to organize a private charter flight on the same day. Contact us directly at (360) 718-8168 for a streamlined booking experience. Our team will gather essential information to provide an accurate quote for your chartered flight.

Do you assist with ground transportation?

Yes, KinectAir collaborates with multiple private and rental car services to cater to your ground transportation needs. Kindly inform our team about your requirements, and we’ll arrange the suitable options for you.

Can I bring my pets aboard the plane?

Yes, of course you can bring your pets aboard the plane. We are happy to have them and take them along for the journey but they do need to be approved and announced during the booking process. All unannounced pets at the time of departure are subject to operator approval.

How early should I arrive at the airport?

One of the perks of chartering a private flight is skipping the long queues. You only need to arrive around 15 minutes before your flight, allowing for a quick check-in and security check before you step onto your awaiting aircraft. Our crew will welcome you, provide a brief overview of the flight, and ensure you’re comfortable and ready for take-off.

What should I expect upon arrival at the airport?

Most airports feature Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) where private aircraft passengers check-in for flights. Some airports allow private aviation passengers to be driven directly to their aircraft. Typically, boarding your private aircraft takes less than 5 minutes, but in the unlikely event of a delay or early arrival, FBOs offer private lounges for your comfort.

Can I request catering onboard?

Absolutely! While all flights come with complimentary snacks and water, we are more than happy to provide a full catering menu upon request to elevate your in-flight dining experience.

Still have questions?

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